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BrightNewHorizon’s livelihood sector Program center around women smallholders, businesswomen, employees, and poor women and marginalized communities, to empower them with knowledge and enhanced access to inputs, services, technologies, and opportunities. We facilitate the building of an enabling and gender-transformative environment for conducting economic activities by engaging men and other influential actors. Both private and public who are involved in market value chains and entitlement delivery. Helping women from marginalized communities to earn their livelihoods using a variety of non-agricultural avenues is one of the core mandates of BrightNewHorizon’s livelihood sector programs.

Our focus is on improving access and control of women from marginalized communities over productive resources, services, and opportunities; enhancing their food and nutrition security, and improving their abilities to manage their lives effectively. BrightNewHorizon works with women to bring about a change in the areas of resilience, nutrition, and economic growth necessary to sustain resources for the future. Promote individual and institutional capacities to help transform vulnerability to strength. Our work also focusses on building asset-based, knowledge, information on institutional entitlements and governance, to improve the lives of victims of domestic violence and the poor.