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BrightNewHorizon focuses on creating a space for public authorities, duty bearers, and citizens to have open conversations, leading to participatory planning and implementation of policies.
We seek to promote inclusive governance by focusing on three domains, beginning with empowering marginalized citizens, particularly women and girls.

We also work to make the poor and marginalized aware of resources
that may be out there for them and to have a stronger voice to demand change. This domain promotes community-based collective actions and encourages them to hold the authorities to account. The second, we work with a range of power holders, including the states, to improve their ability to fulfill their obligations and be more responsive, transparent, and accountable, especially to the impacted groups. The third domain is the space where expanded, inclusive, and effective negotiations are held between the previous two domains.
We are grateful for the support of all the stakeholders, especially donors and volunteers who provide resources necessary to further our work and mission. BrightNewHorizon ensures that the contributions received are utilized for the benefit of victims of domestic violence and marginalized women/girls/communities, encompassing education, livelihood, and health.