Who We Are

Mission, Vision and Guiding Values

The mission of the Banner of Love Ministries is to heal, educate and empower survivors of domestic violence and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.
The vision of the Banner of Love Ministries is a community that:
is empowered with knowledge, courage and compassion to help survivors of domestic violence heal mind, body and spirit;
values and dedicates resources to individuals and families that have been impacted by these issues; and
Seeks to ignite and foster an open dialogue about how to collaboratively end the cycle of violence and abuse.

Integrity    A strong work ethic is our foundation, and we believe doing our best includes setting realistic expectations, working toward balance and sustainability, and being accountable to ourselves, the organization and the public trust we so deeply honor.

We will work continuously to define our roles and responsibilities so that expectations remain clear. We cultivate a practice of honest and intentional behavior with the aim of being as authentic and transparent as possible in all of our interactions. We strive to always assume the best about one another even amidst challenging circumstances.

Collaboration  Collaboration – with each other as colleagues as well as other individuals, organizations, systems and movements – is essential, and we treat it with great respect. We believe we are most effective in our efforts when we are actively collaborating and working in coalition.

We honor the history and achievements of others who have come before us and commit to learning from others, remaining non-duplicative in our services and sharing our knowledge and resources. We engage partners from the private and public sectors and believe that when like-minded individuals come together, social change can occur.

Mindful Conduct    

The sense of presence we bring to our work will be rooted in self-awareness and reflection, balance, and asking for help while recognizing our limits. A necessary component of mindfulness is acknowledging the importance of everyone’s roles while simultaneously committing to under-deployment such that we have the space and time we need to act with a true quality of presence.

In our interactions with one another and those we serve, we will practice loving kindness, clear communication and intentions. Since few things highlight the beauty in living more than laughter, we vow to remember our sense of humor. We honor the courage this path asks of all of us. We will continue to expand our worldview by deepening our sense of gratitude for all things.

Community          At Banner of Love Ministries, we envision a community that is strong enough not to turn away from the epidemics of domestic violence. We envision a community that endeavors to shed a light of healing, hope and courageous awareness into the darkness that surrounds these issues. We envision a community that says to a survivor, “We hear you. We believe you. We feel for you. You are not alone. And your healing is our priority.”

The cornerstones of our community are safety, trust, diversity and continual support. We believe it takes courage and strength to survive, seek help and heal from violence. We are committed to the population we serve and to deeply listening to their needs and responding with compassion and non-judgment.

As an organization, Banner of Love Ministries operates in a tender place between interrupting isolation and honoring boundaries. We seek to create safe, open and restorative spaces as sanctuary for those we serve and for ourselves. We humbly recognize ourselves as part of a much larger community striving for freedom from suffering.


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