Effect of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse takes a toll on one’s physical, emotional, spiritual and financial status. An Ibo proverb says: if a crab escaped a set trap, it should go and count it fingers. That’s because, many times, when a crab escapes a set trap, it never really have complete fingers. Thus, domestic violence causes considerable emotional and sometimes physical pain.

Problems such substance abuse, somatoform disorders, eating disorders, sexual difficulties and psychotic episodes have been linked to adult and childhood abuse. Suicide is also a significant risk factor in partner abuse. Increased risk of developing other mental health problems such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder are equally linked to partner abuse. I have heard several stories of Nigerian women

who have literally gone mad because of domestic violence. If you are one of those people, you can still survive if you so choose

Survivors usually face a wide range of emotional and physical struggles, along with some difficult questions that often surface some of which are: why did this happen to me? Will I ever heal form this? Why can’t I reconnect with others the way I did before? When will I start to feel normal again? While answers may be different for each individual, there are some striking semblances in how violence affects nearly all its victims. Understanding the nature and effects of violent trauma can be essential to the healing process. I hope this article will help guide you along the path of healing and avoid some of the common pitfalls along the way.

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